Unofficial Halo Online & Eldewrito Downloads Page

Currently only hosting 0.6 and ms23. Will add more resources later to aid the halo online and eldewrito community

Top Downloads

Eldewrito 0.6 Full Package
Halo Online ms23 unmodified build

Other Downloads

Coming Soon

Community Links

Halo Online Subreddit Eldewrito Discord

My messege to microsoft

Microsoft is probably here to take down my links. And i get why you are doing it. I get that you need to protect your IP. My messege to you is that i hope you can match eldewrito if you plan to kill it. Halo 3 on pc with full mod tools and dedicated server tools. That is the only way to kill the eldewrito community. To provide something better. Also, i am NOT affiliated with the Eldewrito team. do not go after them for me distrobuting the files. Im just keeping this community alive. Something you have failed to do since bungie left.